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Getting Help with Your Porn Problem

Getting Help with Your Porn Problem

The Barna Group, a Christian research and resource company, released a new study in 2016 called The Porn Phenomenon. It revealed a lot of disturbing information about the state of porn usage among Christian men and women, such as: 40% of practicing Christians say they’d rather not use porn, while 60% said some porn or all porn usage is ok. 16% of practicing Christians have unsuccessfully … [Read More...]

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The Danger of a Culture Fixated on Children

The Danger of a Culture Fixated on Children

Just days before my first child was born, a couple in our church gave my husband and me some advice to which I didn’t pay much attention at the time. I realize now that it was a glorious piece of information that I would later come to cherish in my motherhood days. In the conversation, our dear friends (who happen to have SIX children…SIX!) … [Read More...]

The Key to Living a Happy Life

The Key to Living a Happy Life

My husband and I were recently on a business reward trip to Southern California where the weather was a cool 77 degrees and the ocean views were breathtaking. When we arrived at the resort, we were told that our room was not ready yet, but we were welcome to walk around the property and they would call us as soon as it was available. We nodded our … [Read More...]

How Enchiladas Helped Our Hospitality

How Enchiladas Helped Our Hospitality

Our purpose of sharing a meal or hosting a community group is to create an environment that fosters genuine community and conversation. We aren’t trying to win awards or the approval of others. People who are seeking a safe place to share life with others generally don’t care if the paper plates clash with the plastic cups or if the junk mail is … [Read More...]

To The Wife Who Doesn't Feel Sexy

To The Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Sexy

When I look in the mirror before I get in the shower (even though I try not to), my eyes go straight to what I lovingly call “the shelf.” My c-section scar has caused my extra calories to pile themselves on top like a little shelf pushing up all the extra baby-carrying skin that comes from being stretched out like a balloon. It doesn’t seem to … [Read More...]


Loving Your Spouse in the Ordinary

My wife has a quality that I'm pretty sure I don't have. My wife loves for our lives to be as tidy as they can be. She LOVES when the house is clean. I'm not as adamant about the house being kept. Yes, it is nice to come home to a clean house, but I'm just as happy when it is a little messy. Life is messy, isn't it? If it wasn't for her, our house … [Read More...]

When the Spender and Saver Unite

When the Saver and Spender Unite

I’ll never forget the first time my husband told me he had received an overdraft fee on his checking account. We were dating, not yet engaged, and as we were having lunch and talking about work, he casually mentioned that he had been charged an overdraft fee. I almost choked on my sandwich. I tried to play it off cool, as if overdraft … [Read More...]


Are Your Bad Habits Breaking Your Marriage?

My daughter, Sadie, has a very typical 11-year-old kind of bad habit: whining. Just for fun one day, I counted the times I had to say the words “tone of voice” to her, and that particular day it was thirteen. Thirteen is at least twelve times too many, so I decided it was time we had a real talk about her bad habit. In the middle of the … [Read More...]

When My Spouse's Love Language Creeps You Out

When My Spouse’s Love Language Creeps Me Out

Let me be completely honest: I am not a hugger. I don’t like greeting or leaving people with a hug; I feel weird when people play with my hair or touch my arm. I am just not a touchy person. My husband, however, is a touchy person. He loves hugs, hand-holding, and shows his affection with physical touch. As you can guess, this created a bit … [Read More...]

Why Hospitality Really is a Big Deal

Why Hospitality Really Is a Big Deal

God has used marriage to teach me a lot of things: I’ve learned how selfish I can be. I’ve learned that I sing a lot, loudly, and terribly (Space Jam sound track, word-for-word, in my darkest hours). I’ve learned that I’m worse with directions than even I thought (on the other hand, Hannah is a human GPS that rivals Google Maps). I’ve … [Read More...]


My Mental Illness and My Marriage

Marriage is hard. Two people with different backgrounds, different baggage, different habits, and different expectations deciding to pledge their life to each other is a recipe for disaster. It’s also a recipe for beauty and holiness. I can honestly say that there is nothing in my life—not motherhood, friendship or family—that has shaped my … [Read More...]

Medi-Share Review :: One Family's Experience

Medi-Share Review :: One Family’s Experience

My wife and I have been using Medi-Share since January 2015. Since then, we’ve had a lot of other Christian families ask our opinion on Medi-Share. Like many families out there, we don’t have group health insurance at our jobs because I am a small business owner and my wife works PRN shifts as a nurse. When researching healthcare plans, we were … [Read More...]

Caught Off Guard in the Bedroom

Caught Off Guard in the Bedroom

Sex. It seems like such a short, simple word, but it has so much power—power to greatly enrich a marriage or to destroy it. I have personally experienced both sides of this. During a season of my marriage, sex was used as a weapon and became THE issue that caused bitterness and anger between my wife and me. At one of the worst points, I would … [Read More...]