5 Lessons Learned in Our First Year of Marriage

As an 8-year-old, the words, “I don’t think I’ll ever move out” came out of my mouth. I altered that statement a few years later to, “Well… Maybe I’ll go to college, but then I’ll move right back in with you guys!” Basically, what every parent wants to hear, right? A dream come true.

5 Lessons Learned in Our First Year of Marriage

Luckily for my parents, that wasn’t the case. I graduated from graduate school and found myself engaged to my very own “Navy man,” as we affectionately called him. We made our first home in our sweet college town of Ruston, Louisiana.

Within that first month, I was thrown into a lot of newnessnew marriage, new job and career, new role, new life. No amount of premarital counseling can fully prepare you for marriage, and I knew that going in. After finally settling into our new life, we began to prepare for a new journey.

After Greg’s contract ended in Ruston, we packed up our little duplex, hugged our family and friends goodbye, and made the trek to Waco, Texas, a whopping 6 hours from my family.

As we approach our first anniversary, I’m beginning to reflect on all that the Lord and marriage has taught me:

1. Everyone has pet peeves.
Pet peeves become particularly heightened when you begin to co-exist. For instance, FOR THE LOVE, can we please close all cabinets and drawers?

2. Roles change.
My go-to person is no longer my twin brother, Chance. Chance and I always have had a special relationship. It helps when you share a womb with someone for 9 months and a birthday for 25 years.

But, now, Greg has become my “person.” He became my person for car maintenance questions/concerns, Friends watching, and late night phone calls as I walk through dark parking lots. Chance will always be my first best friend, but Greg will forever be my “person.”

3. Communication is essential.
Unfortunately, neither of us can read each other’s minds. I learned rather quickly that if something was important to me or upset me, I needed to verbally communicate these things. This is something I am still learning. ESP would be a wonderful trait for marriage; nonetheless, we don’t have it.

4. We’re in this together.
After moving to Texas and knowing no one, we have had to rely solely on each other. I’m lucky to have parents that model what being best friends with your spouse looks like. The distance from our family and friends is hard. It’s made me realize that Gregory James Reese will forever hold the other half of my BFF necklace.  We’re BFFTPF (Best Friends Forever, Till Pigs Fly).

5. There is Grace.
I’m thankful that, through this first year of marriage, God has taught me more about grace than all my years of being a believer. Grace for myself, and grace for my husband. I’m going to fail as a wife, and he’s going to fail as a husband, but there is grace through Christ. I’m going to keep clinging to Him because, ultimately, He is all I have. And I’m going to keep asking Him for grace upon grace.


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Amber Reese lives in Waco, TX with her husband, Greg. She is a speech-language pathologist for a pediatric home health company. When she's not working with kiddos all day, you can find her watching Wheel of Fortune with her husband, googling pictures of German Shepherd puppies, and/or dreaming of being Joanna Gaines's BFF.

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