Medi-Share Review :: One Family’s Experience

Medi-Share Review :: One Family's Experience

My wife and I have been using Medi-Share since January 2015. Since then, we’ve had a lot of other Christian families ask our opinion on Medi-Share. Like many families out there, we don’t have group health insurance at our jobs because I am a small business owner and my wife works PRN shifts as a nurse. When researching healthcare plans, we were shocked by the increased cost of … [Read more...]

VidAngel Review: Stream Edited Movies and TV Shows for $1

VidAngel Review

So I have a confession to make: My wife and I have watched dozens of R-rated movies and TV shows with TV-Mature rating. (All with zero profanity and zero nudity.) When we were dating, like most couples, we enjoyed going to see movies. One conversation that came up early on was about the boundaries for our entertainment. … [Read more...]

How Our Intentional Giving Plan Works for Us

How Our Intentional Giving Plan Works for Us

There are a lot of ways to bless others. Some ways don’t cost you a dime—acts of service, listening, speaking words of encouragement, etc.—but many times pulling out your wallet is the best way to bless someone. Whether you pay for someone’s meal, leave a generous tip to a waiter who is clearly having a rough day, invite another couple over for dinner, or pay an expense … [Read more...]

Dear Newlyweds, Protect Your First Year

Dear Newlyweds, Protect Your 1st Year

So we know a young couple who just got back from their honeymoon. We had the thought—if we could write a letter to encourage them, what would it say? Below is written to our friends but, really, it’s written to any couple starting out. Dear Newlyweds, You tied the knot! You landed the girl/the guy! The honeymoon has just wrapped up and a new life is about to … [Read more...]

Sunday Mornings Matter

The Power of You and Your Spouse’s ‘Hello’

If you and your spouse are comfortably integrated into a church home, let me be the first to say, “Congratulations!” Now this letter is for you: There is a group of us who haven’t found our church home yet. We lay in bed on Saturday nights, and we go back and forth with our spouse on which church we should attend the following morning. Sunday mornings are not an oasis … [Read more...]

The One Marriage Habit That Helps Everything Else

The One Marriage Habit That Helped Everything Else

There is one particular decision I made early in my marriage that has “divorce-proofed” our relationship, statistically speaking, more than any other. The relationship pro, Gary Chapman of 5 Love Languages, says this habit brings your chance of staying together into the 90+ percentile. The Bible says this habit should be as common as breathing. Heck, Dr. Phil … [Read more...]

When There’s Discontentment Even on the Good Days


Last fall, my wife and I were sitting on our back patio dining on expertly grilled burgers. The weather was perfect. The birds were chirping. Life was good. We started talking and we realized we were at this rare, brief moment in life where all the boxes we’ve been working towards were checked: House re-model. Check. New furniture. Check. New (used) car sitting … [Read more...]