When My Spouse’s Love Language Creeps Me Out

When My Spouse's Love Language Creeps You Out

Let me be completely honest: I am not a hugger. I don’t like greeting or leaving people with a hug; I feel weird when people play with my hair or touch my arm. I am just not a touchy person. My husband, however, is a touchy person. He loves hugs, hand-holding, and shows his affection with physical touch. As you can guess, this created a bit of friction for our first few … [Read more...]

I Thought I Was Good at Communicating…and Then I Got Married


“It’s all about communication.” Any time I have asked for marriage advice, those are usually the first words I hear. People say that as long as I communicate with my husband, then things will go more smoothly and we can enjoy a deeper relationship. To be honest, when I first heard these words, I was somewhat confused. I mean, how can a person not communicate in a … [Read more...]

Why We Aren’t a Super Couple

Why We Aren’t a Super Couple

It has been a crazy whirlwind for my husband Zach and me these past couple of months. We married in June of this year, Zach started his job as a civil engineer that same month, and not long after that, my school started back up again. We have our weeks full of work hours, study times, and household chores. We are new to this life of finding a balance of work, school, and each … [Read more...]