When Your Job Impacts Your Marriage

When Your Job Affects Your Marriage

I quit my job a few weeks before I got married. It wasn’t a good separation on my part. I wouldn’t even call it a “conscious uncoupling.” I felt disrespected by my bosses, so I reacted immediately and quit. And it felt great! I channeled my inner Johnny Paycheck. Did I mention this happened a few weeks before I got married? Looking back, this was one of the dumbest … [Read more...]

Missing Opportunities by Worrying


The other day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Urban Achiever. If you listened to alternative Christian music in the 90’s, then you should check out this great podcast hosted by Billy Power. In an interview with Mike Lewis, Mike talked about how he and his wife went on a mission trip to Africa. In his words, he said Africa landed on him. Because of the … [Read more...]

Don’t Kill the Mood


On our honeymoon, I tried to be movie romantic. While my bride was patiently waiting in the car, I spread rose petals all over the bedroom. I honestly don’t remember her reaction to my gesture, but I do remember the stains that wouldn’t come out of the new comforter and the carpet. Did you know rose petals could stain? My romance track record never really improved. My … [Read more...]

Managing Personality Differences in Your Marriage


When my wife and I dated, my banking habits were less than stellar. I didn’t know where my check ledger was hidden. If I needed to know how much money I had, I went to the ATM for an account balance check—this was pre-Internet banking. Everything always worked out. I paid my rent, kept gas in my truck, and was able to take my sweetheart to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant … [Read more...]

Seeking Adventure with Your Spouse :: Craving Something Outside the Norm


Our plane made an unscheduled stop and landed in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere. My wife was the only other person in the entire terminal who spoke English (and, also, who wasn’t smoking). This wasn’t what we had imagined three months earlier when we decided to turn our lives upside down and go on the adventure of a lifetime... Most people crave a … [Read more...]