Dating Your Spouse Isn’t a Luxury


“Get in,” he grins mischievously, as he opens the passenger door of his pride and joy—a 1984 Volvo with blue, chipped paint and a manually-controlled sun roof. We had just eaten dinner in our ‘76 Airstream Argosy travel trailer and were looking for memories to make when Matt has the ingenious idea. Already in the country, we don’t have far to go before we reach our … [Read more...]

MarriageRoots’ Low-Stress Christmas Guide [FREE Printable Checklist]

Christmas Checklist

Christmas is coming! If that statement sends a bit of excitement up your spine and then is immediately followed by a brief shudder of anxiety, then read on. Christmas is that unique time of year where Christian couples have an amazing opportunity—to fall into a trap. One of the biggest traps of the enemy in the modern Christmas-era is distracting and stressing out … [Read more...]

The Couple That Vacays Together Stays Together

The Couple that Vacays Together Stays Together

My husband and I got married two years ago, and we had the best honeymoon possible. It was a dream. We spent the week in Mexico being waited on hand and foot. We didn’t have to worry about what to eat because when we were hungry, we’d simply call room service and have food delivered within minutes. We didn’t have to pick up after ourselves. Each afternoon when we returned to … [Read more...]

Dear Newlyweds, Protect Your First Year

Dear Newlyweds, Protect Your 1st Year

So we know a young couple who just got back from their honeymoon. We had the thought—if we could write a letter to encourage them, what would it say? Below is written to our friends but, really, it’s written to any couple starting out. Dear Newlyweds, You tied the knot! You landed the girl/the guy! The honeymoon has just wrapped up and a new life is about to … [Read more...]

Missing Opportunities by Worrying


The other day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Urban Achiever. If you listened to alternative Christian music in the 90’s, then you should check out this great podcast hosted by Billy Power. In an interview with Mike Lewis, Mike talked about how he and his wife went on a mission trip to Africa. In his words, he said Africa landed on him. Because of the … [Read more...]

The Perks and Struggles of Marrying and Starting a Family in your 30s

Marrying & Starting a Family in your 30s

Our story, while unusual to some, is becoming more common. Having dated occasionally throughout our 20s, we both found ourselves single past the age of 30 wondering if marriage would ever be a possibility. Encouraged (persuaded?) by others in our lives to consider the world of online dating, we met via eHarmony and married nine months later, when Shelley was 31 and … [Read more...]

8 Tips for an Awesome Road Trip with Your Spouse

8 Tips for an Awesome Road Trip with Your Spouse

It seemed like such a good idea. A tandem bike. A bicycle built for two. Cycling in perfect harmony in beautiful New Mexico. And we started off so strong for the first…quarter mile. It was hard. It was uncomfortable. It was un-fun and un-romantic. We were ready to call it a day after 30 minutes, but we were too proud. Then we got a flat (Praise the Lord), and turned … [Read more...]

Married and…Going from Two Incomes to One

Married and…Going from Two Incomes to One

Editor’s Note: This is the next installment in our “Married and…” series where we will interview couples from all walks of life. It is our hope that you are encouraged by the stories of people who have similar journeys as you, who share the same dreams you have, who face the same obstacles you do, and who can remind you that your marriage isn't the first one to experience the … [Read more...]

What One Year from Today Could Look Like


We sat across the table from each other, drinking coffee, watching our baby play, and dreaming about the future. We made lists of things that needed to change, things we wanted to achieve together. Stop wasting money on fast food. Lose 20 pounds by Sadie’s first birthday. Spend more quality time together. In true “Amy” fashion, I took notes and broke things down … [Read more...]

Not Enough Left to Buy An ICEE


I don’t have control over much in my life. In my 20’s, this fact was a daily struggle for me. I would clamp down, trying to control the circumstances—and, therefore, the people—around me. Spoiler: It didn’t work. Most of the time, it left me frustrated and angry—red flags (which I worked feverishly to ignore) of the disconnect between the Christian I claimed to be and … [Read more...]