The Essential Christian Marriage Resource List :: 52 Things Every Couple Needs to Know About

There’s no shortage of Christian marriage resources in the world today. The internet is chock full of ebooks, software, and blog posts. Your local Christian bookstore is, too. Heck, even Walmart has a few devotionals for you to try out. Time is an issue for most of us, and ain’t nobody got time to figure out which ones are and are not worth it.

The Essential Christian Marriage Resource  List :: 52 Things Every Couple Needs to Know About

But that’s one of the things the MarriageRoots team is here for—to curate exceptional marriage-affirming content for you. We’ll be sharing articles, quotes, and encouragement on social media daily. (Follow us!) And we’ll be reviewing good books and interviewing authors from time to time, too. Not to mention that we’ll be featuring posts from married couples across Texas and Louisiana who are just like the rest of us—trying to figure things out.

For now, though, we’ve curated “The Essential Christian Marriage Resource List“—a free PDF that includes 52 things every couple should know about.

The list includes books (for couples, husbands, and wives), podcasts, Bible studies, sermons, software, hardware, and other ideas. And, because time and saving trees are of utmost importance, we’ve condensed the list into a handy little one-page document with links for every resource. See? We’re good friends like that.

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To give you an idea of what’s on “The Essential Christian Marriage Resource List” and in an effort to introduce you to our MarriageRoots Team, we’ve included some of our personal favorites below:

Resource #1: Entertainment Apps

Like any married couple, we love watching movies/TV shows. We’ve found 2 great tools to help us get our entertainment fix, but leave out the profanity and nudity:

  • Clearplay DVD/Bluray Player: We have the DVD player right now, and it is amazing. It literally can turn a rated R movie into PG — and not mess up the plot. Clearplay has created filters for almost 5,000 movies.
  • Kids-in-Mind App: Everyone should have this app on their smartphone. They rate movies 1-10 across three categories: Sex/Nudity, Violence, & Profanity. For example, Mockingjay is a 2.6.1 and Denzel’s new movie The Equalizer is a 4.8.10. Sorry Denzel, I think we’ll have to wait to watch your movie on Clearplay.

Ryan Stubblefield married Kori when they were both in their early thirties and they’ve been married for 3 years now. He’s still trying to get over the fact that she doesn’t share his love for coffee, but Kori keeps reminding him about how much money that saves him over their lifetimes. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and has been starting companies since he was in college. Most recently, he’s been the brains behind SingleRoots and MarriageRoots because he loves hearing stories of people living intentionally and counter-culturally and taking scary steps of faith in life.

Resource #2: Capture Her Heart / Capture His Heart by Lysa TerKeurst 

“These books provide insight into what makes your spouse tick and into becoming the Godly husband or wife that your spouse desires (and deserves). We were gifted these two books early in our marriage, and we got the most out of not just reading our own copy, but by trading books, asking lots of embarrassing questions, and having some deep conversations about the content. It probably wouldn’t hurt for us to go through this same exercise on a semi-regular basis.”

Daniel ShockleyDaniel Shockley is generally regarded as the “Chandler” of his group of friends–he’s not sure if he could be any more ambivalent about that moniker. He married his love, Jena, almost 8 years ago and has been mildly bewildered every day since; they and their two children live in north Louisiana. Daniel’s wholehearted prayer is that God will use MarriageRoots to glorify Himself by strengthening marriages and families, connecting like-minded couples and expanding Christian communities throughout the region.

Resource #3: Rich in Love by Irene Garcia

“This book by Irene Garcia is an autobiography that testifies to the power of prayer and radical obedience in marriage. The Garcia’s story challenged me in many ways and gives life to what can happen in my marriage when I surrender everything and become completely obedient to the Lord. Irene shared her testimony at our church this past Mother’s Day.”

Susan EdminsonSusan Edminson has been married to her best friend, Kyle, for 9 years. They have enjoyed adventures all over the globe, and now call Rockwall, TX home. She is a stay at home mom to Stuart, Roger, and Maggie–2 guys and a gal who teach her more about patience and laughter everyday.

Resource #4: Marriage Hacks by Tyler Ward

“I recently read Marriage Hacks by Tyler Ward. It’s an ebook available on NoiseTrade. Ward asked 25 leaders (Gary Chapman, Jeremy Cowart, Joshua Becker and others) to share their marriage advice. I liked the bite size format and there were some useful takeaways.”

Kyle EdminsonKyle Edminson is a handsome, witty, loving husband and father. Kyle is originally from Louisiana but he now calls DFW home. Kyle is by no stretch of the imagination an expert on marriage (or much else for that matter) but he hopes to encourage husbands and wives to love & respect each other, communicate wholeheartedly, and to seek God in marriage. And have fun – can’t forget fun.

Resource #5: The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller (with Kathy Keller) 

“Let’s face it — I would read Tim Keller’s grocery list. I love all of his books and this one beautifully articulates marriage as God’s idea and a picture of the Gospel. (And there’s a fascinating analysis of the ‘pessimistic idealism’ of many millennials that often sets them up for failure.) Recommended for married and single people.”

lmyphotoLeslie Martin Young loves words and rain and travel and her sofa. She spent over 20 years working as a newspaper reporter and editor in rural Northeast Louisiana and now happily works around the family farm with her husband of 31 years, Jesse. They’ve raised cotton and corn and two children who turned into fantastic adults, which is a testament to grace and not exceptional parenting. Empty nesters and new grandparents, they are finding this season of life incredibly sweet.


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