I Married a Dreamer

We tied the knot during Matt’s second year of Physical Therapy school. When his class decided to raise money to put on a banquet at the end of their final year, I was ready to step up as a good wife and make cupcakes for a bake sale.

I Married a Dreamer

(Okay, so half of me was trying to be a good wife, half just wanted to use the bakeware I had so proudly received at bridal showers the year before.)

But Matt had another idea. “I think we’ll put on a 5K on the beach,” he shared when I suggested the cupcake plan. Now, this was an interesting idea from a man who had never put on a 5K before.

It was even more ridiculous considering that he had never even run a 5K. Even the dean of their school told him that it was a bad idea, but what I learned about my husband in that moment was that he did not easily let his dreams die.

Fast forward three months: On a chilly March morning, 1,200 runners from southeast Texas arrived on Galveston Island to run 3.1 miles. The Physical Therapy class of 2001 made enough money for their banquet, a generous scholarship donation back to the school, and enough money given to the local YMCA to keep the run going as an annual event.

My husband does not dream small.

Later: “You know I don’t always want to be a PT, right?” He mentioned it with the casualness that one would use to tell their spouse that they didn’t care for lima beans. It really should not have come as a surprise that shortly after graduating and starting his first physical therapy job, this thing he had worked so hard for was not really what he wanted.

“What do you want to do?” I asked in astonishment.

“I don’t really know. We’ll see,” he replied as he went back to his dinner.

Fast forward three years: Our first child increased the cost of our health insurance, so my resourceful husband started filming weddings on the weekends. Shooting and editing videos had always been a hobby, so he put it to good use to bring in some extra money.

The hospital where he worked found out about his side job and asked him to film a funny video to show at one of their meetings. Long story short, he was so good in this area that they created a position just for him.

Today, he is the Director of Media Production for a hospital where he creates all of their commercials and internal media. He also has his own production company that he runs from home. He has made commercials, videos for smartphone apps, and he just finished the first season of work on a television show. Talk about a dream job.

Through Matt, I have realized that if you don’t have dreams and goals, there is nothing to shoot for.

My dreams started off significantly smaller than a 5K on the beach. As soon as I learned I was pregnant, the Lord laid on my heart that I needed to homeschool the children which God would give us. Although at first Matt was as reluctant about homeschooling as I was about a 5K, he is now fully on board.

Through all of these experiences we have learned how important it is for us to share common dreams. If I had not been totally convinced that a career change was not only possible but greatly beneficial, he would have never had the confidence to teach himself everything he needed to know to be successful.

Had he not been supportive about homeschooling, I would have been left on my own against the army of tiny people I had committed to educating. (Plus, I would have to teach science myself, and nobody wants that.)

Today we are not afraid to dream big together. Within the next five years, we would like to take our children on a year-long trip around the world. We want our kids to see just how privileged they are by ministering to those in poorer countries, we want them to experience history by walking through places that people have walked for thousands of years, we want them to see what a big and beautiful world God created. That’s our next dream, and though we don’t know exactly what it will look like, we hold fast to our shared hope for the future.

I do know that whatever happens in the future will be bigger and better than what we even dare to dream—just as how 1,200 people raced when he dreamed of having 500 show up, how his hobby became his dream job, and how homeschooling has now permeated every aspect of our lives and I could not imagine not being the one to teach my children. The Lord is always taking our dreams and improving upon them.

Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (ESV). This is not a promise to grant every wish and whim that enters your head, but a promise that if you focus on Him, He will shape your heart and desires to be those that He has already planned for you.

And what’s better than living out dreams that have been prepared by our great and gracious King?


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Robin Dufilho lives in West Texas with her husband Matt and their two kids, Luke and Ellie. She loves travel, books, knitting, and homeschooling her two munchkins. She blogs weekly over at www.havekidswilltravel.tv where she offers tips about traveling with kids in tow.

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