MarriageRoots Conversation Card Family Edition :: 20 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse and Kids [FREE Download]

Of course we talk to our kids and spouse. We talk all. the. time, actually. In fact, there are times we’d prefer to talk to them a little less, if we’re being honest. Lots of conversations about schedules, practice, grades, work, obligations, and what’s for dinner. It’s easy sometimes to forget that it’s been a while since we’ve had a real conversation about their lives or, more importantly, their hearts.

MarriageRoots Convo Card :: Family Edition

We are fully aware that you don’t need us to tell you how to talk to your spouse or your kids, but our conversation cards do provide a few talking points that are helpful for exploring some new or different areas than the questions you generally fall back on.

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Plus, our Conversation Cards come with an added bonus: If you have a (ahem) reluctant tween or teen who thinks it’s awkward and weird, you can point to the card and say, “Hey, I’m just working my way down the list of questions!” We’ll shoulder the blame, friend. Those eye rolls and the deep sighs around that table simply mean you’re talking about things that matter. You can also remind them that there are only 10 family questions so the excruciating pain will be over soon.
And when you’re done with the kids, there are a few more questions for you and your beloved to discuss over morning coffee, while running errands, or even when you crawl into bed at night. Work through all of them at once, or just ask one every now and then to spark a memory or deeper discussion.

Here are a few examples of the questions we’ve included:

  • Couples: What is something we do that you think our kids would freak out about if they knew about us?
  • Couples: What’s your greatest need right now?
  • Families: What’s something about our family that needs work?
  • Families: What do you think are your 3 most lovable qualities?
  • And more!

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