I’ve Been Lying to My Wife for Years

I've Been Lying to My Wife for Years

A few months back, a co-worker made the remark, “I saw a couple of pictures of you and your wife on Facebook yesterday. Y’all are so cute and funny together! I hope I have something like that someday.” It was a sweet compliment, but with it brought a reminder of the very thing I was hoping my job would help me forget that day. Facebook has a tendency to highlight all the … [Read more...]

Your Wife Is Not a Porn Star

Your Wife Is Not a Porn Star

My husband grew up in the “good-ole-boy” South. Football was king, your mom was queen, you pledged allegiance to flag, and porn was a rite of passage into manhood. Not only did his dad introduce him to pornography, but he knew there was ongoing use of it and ignored it in a manly polite way. My husband and his friends would watch it together. It was a normal part of life … [Read more...]

Shining the Light on Things We’d Rather Leave in the Dark

Shining the Light on Things We'd Rather Leave in the Dark

In our recent Let’s Talk About Porn post, we shared some resources for anyone struggling with pornography. We shared online tools, but also brick and mortar resources. As you set down roots where you are planted, we want you to know the local ministries that serve your region. The internet is a great tool for connection, but it’s important to know who is down the road ready to … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Porn (Resources)

Let's Talk About Porn

In high school, college, and men’s bible studies, I’ve heard many a guy work up the nerve to confess that he’s been looking at some “stuff” and then trail off. All around the room heads will imperceptibly nod and then the topic changes. In accountability partnering, my wife has heard about the silent battles college girls fight against pornography. It’s a very real issue for … [Read more...]