Are Your Bad Habits Breaking Your Marriage?


My daughter, Sadie, has a very typical 11-year-old kind of bad habit: whining. Just for fun one day, I counted the times I had to say the words “tone of voice” to her, and that particular day it was thirteen. Thirteen is at least twelve times too many, so I decided it was time we had a real talk about her bad habit. In the middle of the conversation she said something … [Read more...]

How to Fight Fairly

How to Fight Fairly

I really like being right. And not only being right, but being completely recognized and acknowledged by everyone in the land as the one who is right. This, um, quality, might be perfectly acceptable if, say, I lived on a deserted island. But as a person living among people—and with a person—it’s proved… problematic. And as a person being conformed to the image of … [Read more...]

Arguing with Your Spouse: Is There a Right Way?


Everybody argues. Everybody. Didn’t close the garage? Made an inappropriate joke? Wasted money? Didn’t show appreciation? Had a bad day and want to take it out on somebody? There are many reasons, but how can you argue rightly with your spouse? Before we jump into the topic of arguing with your spouse, let me acknowledge that you and I don’t know each other. Maybe … [Read more...]