Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Your In-Laws


My husband and I grew up 30 minutes away from one another. Every weekend my family would make the drive from our small town to the city we now call home, and we passed his family’s house countless times. (Of course, I never knew he lived there until our paths crossed four years ago.) Thinking about the man I wanted to marry someday, I always imagined and hoped that he … [Read more...]

Managing the Tension Between Work and Home

Managing the Tension Between Work and Home

“You are a husband and father first, before you are a pastor.” With this declaration, based on 1 Timothy 3:4-5, my wise friend and mentor began my ordination charge. He then shared how his failure to build this priority into his own ministry had cost his family dearly. Years of unintended neglect had sown seeds of bitterness and dysfunction in his home. More than a … [Read more...]

Different from Our Parents, Starting in the Kitchen


Supermarkets have changed in the last thirty years. Indeed, they’ve had more than a face-lift since my childhood in the eighties, but the change I speak of is not the updated décor or the appearance of Redbox kiosks. Since those golden years, I have witnessed the appearance of “organic” foods, along with the disappearance of the time-worn question “paper or plastic?” Paper … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Our Health, Taking Care of Our Marriage

An Unorthodox Post on Fitness

Vince and Casie Smith have faced their share of battles during their courtship and marriage. An interracial couple and now church planters, they aren’t unfamiliar with tackling tough issues. But one of their battles cuts across all demographics—maintaining physical health and fitness, individually and as a couple. They share some of what they’ve learned with characteristic … [Read more...]