When You Don’t Get the Hallmark Christmas You Want


They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For some, it’s the most difficult time of the year; for the rest, it’s the most hectic time of the year. I fit into the first category—I love everything about the holidays: the festivities, the decorations, the food, the family time. But most of all, I love the holidays because they are packed full of sweet memories and rich … [Read more...]

15 Ideas for Starting a Christmas Tradition with Your Spouse

15 Ideas for Starting a Christmas Tradition with Your Spouse

Decorating the tree. Attending the Christmas Eve service at the church. Driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Making holiday candies and goodies for parties. Family traditions get ramped up at Christmastime. And rightly so, there are so many fun things to do! So many, actually, that it can be difficult to fit everything into what seems like a short and fast … [Read more...]

Dealing with the In-Laws This Holiday Season


Ah, Christmas—that magical time of year when holiday music is piped into your every waking moment, parties with goodies abound, and every Hallmark movie has a predictable, happy ending. There are so many things we can rely on to happen around the holidays and, for me, that’s one of the things that makes it special. Even in chaos, I like predictability. What’s one more … [Read more...]

How to “Be Present” This Holiday Season

How to "Be Present" This Holiday Season

I’ve been fighting a rising sense of panic this fall. Maybe that’s an overstatement. (Me? Never!) But whenever I glance ahead at the calendar and the looming *gulp* holidays, I feel overwhelmed…and tired…already. This is not normal for me. I am an extrovert with an addiction to holiday decorations. I love big, messy, loud family and friend gatherings from Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

MarriageRoots’ Low-Stress Christmas Guide [FREE Printable Checklist]

Christmas Checklist

Christmas is coming! If that statement sends a bit of excitement up your spine and then is immediately followed by a brief shudder of anxiety, then read on. Christmas is that unique time of year where Christian couples have an amazing opportunity—to fall into a trap. One of the biggest traps of the enemy in the modern Christmas-era is distracting and stressing out … [Read more...]