Different from Our Parents, Starting in the Kitchen


Supermarkets have changed in the last thirty years. Indeed, they’ve had more than a face-lift since my childhood in the eighties, but the change I speak of is not the updated décor or the appearance of Redbox kiosks. Since those golden years, I have witnessed the appearance of “organic” foods, along with the disappearance of the time-worn question “paper or plastic?” Paper … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Spend Meaningful Time with Your Spouse

7 Ways to Spend Meaningful Time with Your Spouse

For a long time, I was a drip coffee guy. There are some great coffee machines out there—you know, the ones that you set the night before? Those efficient caffeine delivery systems give a jolt to start the day. I would slurp down a cup on the way out the door or as I watched morning TV. However, a few years ago, my friend Trent came over with his French press, grinder, and … [Read more...]