Navigating the Hardest Season of Our Lives


“Go ahead and give me my tissues now,” I joked to my girlfriends as we got our Kleenex out and made our predictions about what the ceremony would be like. I thought maybe I’d be a little emotional because we loved this bride and her family so much. But after the brutal season our life had just narrowly escaped, the tears were fresh and free-flowing. I literally began … [Read more...]

For Better or Worse: What to Do When “Worse” Gets Real

For Better or Worse: What to Do When “Worse” Gets Real

In the summer of 2012, we took a cross-country road trip. Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina, after eating a big breakfast and then trying to read in the very back seat of the minivan, our daughter got carsick. This was a turning point in the life of our family. Not for the kid who vomited scrambled eggs all over herself, but for her brother, who witnessed … [Read more...]

Boundaries, Conflicts, & Disappointments :: Hello, Marriage Counselor


My husband and I breezed through the five sessions of our church’s mandatory premarital counseling. We were so in love, and there were no troubles on the horizon. The counselor had suggested that there might be some friction in forming our family unit since we came from such different family backgrounds, but I was too busy with wedding tasks to truly stop and think about such … [Read more...]