Navigating the Hardest Season of Our Lives


“Go ahead and give me my tissues now,” I joked to my girlfriends as we got our Kleenex out and made our predictions about what the ceremony would be like. I thought maybe I’d be a little emotional because we loved this bride and her family so much. But after the brutal season our life had just narrowly escaped, the tears were fresh and free-flowing. I literally began … [Read more...]

When the Word “Divorce” Entered My Mind


“Divorce” is almost as difficult to type as it is to say out loud. In Christian circles, the last thing you want to share is that you can’t hold down the fort at home. Who wants to share marital issues during Bible study prayer time? Not this guy. Many years ago the phrase “7-Year Itch” came into being; it refers to a period of time in marriage when couples reach a wall. … [Read more...]