When Your Blended Family Doesn’t Blend

When Your Blended Family Doesn't Blend

I sat across the room from her in my office each week. She was fifteen. Her parents had divorced when she was 4. They had been fighting over her ever since. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of court costs, counseling sessions, attorney fees, and custody evaluations. She had almost no memory of her parents living in harmony. She was numb, hated marriage, and hated divorce … [Read more...]

Your Wife Is Not a Porn Star

Your Wife Is Not a Porn Star

My husband grew up in the “good-ole-boy” South. Football was king, your mom was queen, you pledged allegiance to flag, and porn was a rite of passage into manhood. Not only did his dad introduce him to pornography, but he knew there was ongoing use of it and ignored it in a manly polite way. My husband and his friends would watch it together. It was a normal part of life … [Read more...]

We Are Children of Divorce but Our Kids Won’t Be

We Are Children of Divorce but Our Kids Won't Be

My parents divorced after 24 years of marriage. At 16 years old, I was blindsided. I thought we had the perfect, happy, all-American home and when this incident occurred, it jerked the rug out from under me. My whole world was shaken. In some ways, it still shakes today—years later. My childhood home would literally become just a memory. That’s what community property … [Read more...]

When the Word “Divorce” Entered My Mind


“Divorce” is almost as difficult to type as it is to say out loud. In Christian circles, the last thing you want to share is that you can’t hold down the fort at home. Who wants to share marital issues during Bible study prayer time? Not this guy. Many years ago the phrase “7-Year Itch” came into being; it refers to a period of time in marriage when couples reach a wall. … [Read more...]