Family Financial Planning for Procrastinators


Hi. My name is Jonathan and I’m a procrastinator. The New Year is an awkward time for procrastinators. Not because of the resolutions which surrounded us, though. Resolutions don’t come out of thin air. Resolutions come from reflection. It’s customary to “take stock” sometime between Jesus’s birthday and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. For procrastinators, we look back on all … [Read more...]

MarriageRoots Conversation Card :: 25 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse to Start the New Year [FREE Download]

Conversation Cards :: 25 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse in the New Year

Many of us come crawling and limping to the finish line of one year and anxiously await the stroke of midnight that miraculously gives us a clean slate of 12 new months to somehow get things right(er). Even if you're over there rolling your eyes at everyone's new fitness/reading/simplifying/world-changing resolutions, you have to admit that stopping for a few minutes to … [Read more...]

The Perks and Struggles of Marrying and Starting a Family in your 30s

Marrying & Starting a Family in your 30s

Our story, while unusual to some, is becoming more common. Having dated occasionally throughout our 20s, we both found ourselves single past the age of 30 wondering if marriage would ever be a possibility. Encouraged (persuaded?) by others in our lives to consider the world of online dating, we met via eHarmony and married nine months later, when Shelley was 31 and … [Read more...]

I Married a Dreamer


We tied the knot during Matt’s second year of Physical Therapy school. When his class decided to raise money to put on a banquet at the end of their final year, I was ready to step up as a good wife and make cupcakes for a bake sale. (Okay, so half of me was trying to be a good wife, half just wanted to use the bakeware I had so proudly received at bridal showers the … [Read more...]

What One Year from Today Could Look Like


We sat across the table from each other, drinking coffee, watching our baby play, and dreaming about the future. We made lists of things that needed to change, things we wanted to achieve together. Stop wasting money on fast food. Lose 20 pounds by Sadie’s first birthday. Spend more quality time together. In true “Amy” fashion, I took notes and broke things down … [Read more...]

Handling Different Money Personalities in Marriage

Handling Different Money Personalities in Marriage

When my husband and I married, right out of college, we didn’t have a lot of conflicts over money. Mainly because we didn’t have much. I was driving a 10-year old Maverick (with a case of power steering fluid always on the backseat) and Jesse drove a little Toyota farm truck. I had a little student debt. We rented a house and went to work. As time went on, we gained a … [Read more...]