Are Your Bad Habits Breaking Your Marriage?


My daughter, Sadie, has a very typical 11-year-old kind of bad habit: whining. Just for fun one day, I counted the times I had to say the words “tone of voice” to her, and that particular day it was thirteen. Thirteen is at least twelve times too many, so I decided it was time we had a real talk about her bad habit. In the middle of the conversation she said something … [Read more...]

When Your Marriage Is in a Funk


Do you ever have times when you’re just plain out of sorts with your spouse? (If the answer is “no,” please move on. You’re just making the rest of us feel even worse.) I mean, nothing is seriously wrong (that you can put your finger on)—you’re just kind of in a funk and every little thing seems to be getting on your nerves? (This is where the guys exchange knowing … [Read more...]