How to Help Your Family Memorize Scripture in 2016

Scripture Memory Club

A new year brings a sigh of relief for some and a bit of wistfulness for others. Regardless of how you left 2015, a look ahead at 2016 can bring with it a lot of ideas and plans, especially spiritual ones. For many Christians, the do-over of a new year also becomes a bit of a do-over for diving deeper into Scripture, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines like memorizing … [Read more...]

Keeping Our Problems Inside the Marriage

Our Ground Rules on Communication

I’m not a blogger or a public writer, but I love words. I love reading, and I love writing in my many personal journals. I love being surrounded by words on the walls. And being around like-minded readers is a favorite of mine. Words are important. They can make us feel alive and inspired, or defeated and willing to quit. I can’t pinpoint the exact time, but probably … [Read more...]