3 Habits You’ll Be Glad You Established as a Newlywed

My husband D.J. and I met one fall night during our junior year of high school. I wouldn’t exactly say it was love at first sight, but it was definitely a love that developed over time. One of my favorite things about our relationship is that it took about a year and a half for it to go from friendship to a dating relationship. It’s a good thing too because, little did we know, … [Read more...]

How We Boost Our Marriage Without a Date Night or Vacation

How We Boost Our Marriage Without a Date Night or Vacation

Like most people, my husband and I don’t live a very glamorous life. We go to work, supervise homework, feed little people, mow the yard, and run the family taxi service. I suppose it is quite adventurous to raise the next generation of Jesus-followers, but most days it looks a lot like leftover spaghetti. My husband and I schedule regular get-aways and date nights, but … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Our Husbands

Let's Talk About Our Husbands

Dear Wives of the World, I get it. Your life is crazy-town. I know this because all of our lives seem to be filled with endless rounds of errands, work, kids, homework, sports, church, cooking, cleaning, bills, and—OH, MY WORD—I could go on and on. Just living our lives can be exhausting. There are days when I look at my to-do list and realize several of the things on it I … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and the Fear of Losing Myself

One hot morning last summer, Matt and I had just gotten home from spending two weeks working a camp in Louisiana and were frantically unpacking and repacking for a month-long road trip to California, with only one day’s rest between the two. For the past year and a half, we had been living in a 1976 Airstream travel-trailer on our friends’ 40-acre homestead, and it … [Read more...]

When You Don’t Get the Hallmark Christmas You Want


They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For some, it’s the most difficult time of the year; for the rest, it’s the most hectic time of the year. I fit into the first category—I love everything about the holidays: the festivities, the decorations, the food, the family time. But most of all, I love the holidays because they are packed full of sweet memories and rich … [Read more...]

Dating Your Spouse Isn’t a Luxury


“Get in,” he grins mischievously, as he opens the passenger door of his pride and joy—a 1984 Volvo with blue, chipped paint and a manually-controlled sun roof. We had just eaten dinner in our ‘76 Airstream Argosy travel trailer and were looking for memories to make when Matt has the ingenious idea. Already in the country, we don’t have far to go before we reach our … [Read more...]

Walking with Your Spouse through Uncertainty

Walking with Your Spouse in the Uncertainty

Our relationship started wrapped in mystery; I was doing a research paper debunking the science behind online dating and came across his profile. He lived five hours away, but he was cute and his picture was clearly of him on a mission trip. That’s the Western Christian Girl’s aphrodisiac. A quick message sent, followed by emails and late-night phone calls. I was … [Read more...]

5 Lessons Learned in Our First Year of Marriage

Lessons From the First Year of Marriage

As an 8-year-old, the words, “I don’t think I’ll ever move out” came out of my mouth. I altered that statement a few years later to, “Well... Maybe I’ll go to college, but then I’ll move right back in with you guys!” Basically, what every parent wants to hear, right? A dream come true. Luckily for my parents, that wasn’t the case. I graduated from graduate school and … [Read more...]

What One Year from Today Could Look Like


We sat across the table from each other, drinking coffee, watching our baby play, and dreaming about the future. We made lists of things that needed to change, things we wanted to achieve together. Stop wasting money on fast food. Lose 20 pounds by Sadie’s first birthday. Spend more quality time together. In true “Amy” fashion, I took notes and broke things down … [Read more...]

Hay Bale Time Machine :: Remembering What Attracted Us to Each Other

Hay Bale Time Machine :: Remembering What Attracted Us to Each Other

I was sitting on a bale of hay on a moving trailer next to my husband, Clint, who was smiling and laughing with his graduating class at his twenty-year high school reunion. It was the Homecoming parade, a beloved tradition in the small Louisiana town, and kids were lined up along the route holding their hands out for dollar store throws. The guys on the float kept reaching … [Read more...]