I’ve Been Lying to My Wife for Years

I've Been Lying to My Wife for Years

A few months back, a co-worker made the remark, “I saw a couple of pictures of you and your wife on Facebook yesterday. Y’all are so cute and funny together! I hope I have something like that someday.” It was a sweet compliment, but with it brought a reminder of the very thing I was hoping my job would help me forget that day. Facebook has a tendency to highlight all the … [Read more...]

What “True Love Waits” Didn’t Prepare Me For


Hello, my name is Amy, and I was a youth group groupie. As a good Baptist girl, I was at church every time the doors were open. I loved Jesus, but the only way I understood how to love him was to do everything the church told me to do. VBS, Choir, Sunday School, Bible Study, Youth Camp—check. And I signed the "True Love Waits" pledge, the one that said I would wait for … [Read more...]