Choosing Our Words Carefully [plus FREE Scripture Printable!]

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A fight with your spouse. A busy day where it seems like everyone’s demanding something from you. Parents who bring their sick kids to the church nursery and infect your kids. A husband who doesn’t mow the lawn often enough. A wife who forgets to get the oil changed. Kids who are bored. Aging parents who won’t let you help them. A friend who wants to talk about why … [Read more...]

The Couple That Vacays Together Stays Together

The Couple that Vacays Together Stays Together

My husband and I got married two years ago, and we had the best honeymoon possible. It was a dream. We spent the week in Mexico being waited on hand and foot. We didn’t have to worry about what to eat because when we were hungry, we’d simply call room service and have food delivered within minutes. We didn’t have to pick up after ourselves. Each afternoon when we returned to … [Read more...]

“Look at Your Wife,” God Said.

"Look at Your Wife," God Said.

Since our humble apartment is not big enough to hold a dining room table, our weekday dinner routine often involves sitting together on the couch and watching TV over my latest attempt to make chicken and vegetables in a new, exciting way. A few weeks ago, as we sat down to dinner, I flipped the channel over to watch a Seinfeld rerun. Carrie turned to me and said one of … [Read more...]