When Giving Money Is Easy for One Spouse but Not the Other

“Christmas gifts for 23 of your family members? Why can’t we draw names?” “Our friend’s kid’s first birthday? Really… like the kid will remember or even care. (Oh, never mind, the $500 of other gifts they will get from all of the other suckers who bought into it!)” “Ol’ So-and-So needs money for something… if they would have just managed their money right in the first … [Read more...]

Marriage 101 :: Do You Need a Refresher?


I don’t think Wal-Mart even waited until the Fourth of July stuff was cleared out. Row upon row of school supplies sprouted up, mid-summer it seems. Don’t get me wrong—I love school supplies. “I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if I knew your name and address…” (Name that movie!) And now it’s August, and “back-to-school” really is upon us. Some … [Read more...]

Romance Doesn’t Require Giant Gestures

Romance Doesn't Require Giant Gestures

6:00 A.M. I drag myself down the stairs, baby on one arm, dodging dogs in urgent need of the backyard, yawning and thinking only one word: coffee. I reach for the coffee pot and draw back my arm with a stainless steel carafe full of nothing. Usually it is full. Usually it has been set the night before and timed to perfection for the waking of the baby. Usually...my husband … [Read more...]

He’s My Husband, Not My Girlfriend

My Husband Is My Best Friend, Not My Girlfriend

I recently sent my husband, Jason, a novel-length text about how my morning was going. I told him two of the kids' school lunches were left at home that morning, along with one binder containing a science assignment that was due the day before. The next text shared my experience with one of the school's secretaries who clearly saw me at the security window with the … [Read more...]