Glad We Didn’t Know the Pain that Was Coming

Glad We Didn't Know the Pain That Was Coming

Marriage’s ultimate purpose is to point us to Christ. When things are going really well, marriage mirrors the gracious and selfless love of the Savior. But more times than not, it is the shortcomings in our marriage that illuminate the magnitude of what Christ did for us. This year felt like one major shortcoming for me, and it may have been the first time that I fully … [Read more...]

When We Were Out of Options and Needed a Breakthrough

Worship Together: Unifying Hearts for Breakthrough

Not long ago, my wife and I experienced the type of loss that many young couples of child-bearing age face: a miscarriage. We didn’t expect it—we were barreling along in our fledgling union pursuing career, raising our first daughter, and generally getting used to life as a couple. We had just gone on a ski trip, and when we got home my wife took a pregnancy test. To our … [Read more...]

Missing Opportunities by Worrying


The other day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Urban Achiever. If you listened to alternative Christian music in the 90’s, then you should check out this great podcast hosted by Billy Power. In an interview with Mike Lewis, Mike talked about how he and his wife went on a mission trip to Africa. In his words, he said Africa landed on him. Because of the … [Read more...]

Walking with Your Spouse through Uncertainty

Walking with Your Spouse in the Uncertainty

Our relationship started wrapped in mystery; I was doing a research paper debunking the science behind online dating and came across his profile. He lived five hours away, but he was cute and his picture was clearly of him on a mission trip. That’s the Western Christian Girl’s aphrodisiac. A quick message sent, followed by emails and late-night phone calls. I was … [Read more...]

Married and…Foster Parents

rMarried and...Foster Parents

Editor’s Note: This is the next installment in our “Married and...” series where we will interview couples from all walks of life. It is our hope that you are encouraged by the stories of people who have similar journeys as you, who share the same dreams you have, who face the same obstacles you do, and who can remind you that your marriage isn’t the first one to experience the … [Read more...]

Country Music Saved My Marriage

Country Music Saved My Marriage

Okay, Internet/MarriageRoots, I am a long time reader but a first time writer, and I have a confession to make: Country music saved my marriage. This is not a joke, a drill, or a bait and switch. It is reality. One line in a country music song changed my marriage forever. I sat in my truck with the windows down on a cool spring night listening to one of my favorite … [Read more...]

A Marriage Guarantee: Storms Are Coming


I attended a wedding ceremony recently, and the pastor quoted from Matthew 7: Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock. But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t … [Read more...]