MarriageRoots’ Low-Stress Christmas Guide [FREE Printable Checklist]

Christmas Checklist

Christmas is coming! If that statement sends a bit of excitement up your spine and then is immediately followed by a brief shudder of anxiety, then read on. Christmas is that unique time of year where Christian couples have an amazing opportunity—to fall into a trap. One of the biggest traps of the enemy in the modern Christmas-era is distracting and stressing out … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Date Night Guide


What’s the best night? Date Night, of course! A chance to get away with your sweetheart and spend quality time together is necessary in every marriage. But life can be hectic, and it can be difficult to squeeze a date night into the calendar. Honestly, if we can schedule a day and find a babysitter it’s a miracle. Then when it’s time for date night, I’m almost out of gas … [Read more...]

Shining the Light on Things We’d Rather Leave in the Dark

Shining the Light on Things We'd Rather Leave in the Dark

In our recent Let’s Talk About Porn post, we shared some resources for anyone struggling with pornography. We shared online tools, but also brick and mortar resources. As you set down roots where you are planted, we want you to know the local ministries that serve your region. The internet is a great tool for connection, but it’s important to know who is down the road ready to … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Porn (Resources)

Let's Talk About Porn

In high school, college, and men’s bible studies, I’ve heard many a guy work up the nerve to confess that he’s been looking at some “stuff” and then trail off. All around the room heads will imperceptibly nod and then the topic changes. In accountability partnering, my wife has heard about the silent battles college girls fight against pornography. It’s a very real issue for … [Read more...]

The Essential Christian Marriage Resource List :: 52 Things Every Couple Needs to Know About

The Essential Christian Marriage Resource  List :: 52 Things Every Couple Needs to Know About

There's no shortage of Christian marriage resources in the world today. The internet is chock full of ebooks, software, and blog posts. Your local Christian bookstore is, too. Heck, even Walmart has a few devotionals for you to try out. Time is an issue for most of us, and ain't nobody got time to figure out which ones are and are not worth it. But that's one of the … [Read more...]