To The Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Sexy

To The Wife Who Doesn't Feel Sexy

When I look in the mirror before I get in the shower (even though I try not to), my eyes go straight to what I lovingly call “the shelf.” My c-section scar has caused my extra calories to pile themselves on top like a little shelf pushing up all the extra baby-carrying skin that comes from being stretched out like a balloon. It doesn’t seem to matter how much weight I lose, or … [Read more...]

Defending Boredom in Marriage

Defending Boredom in Marriage

“I’m bored.” This short sentence makes my brain swell to exploding, my blood boil, and my need to get in the car and drive to the nearest Barnes and Noble to escape eminent. When my kids utter these words I have so many automatic reactions: “Read a book, go outside, use your imagination….blah, blah, blah.” Or my favorite: “I can give you something to do, aka – chores.” I … [Read more...]

More Time with My Spouse :: Something’s Gotta Give


When the baby cries to be held one more time. When the daughter wants to be taken just one more place. When the son wants to buy one more game. One more. One more. How close is the rope to fraying? Sometimes just one more pull. One more feeling of pressure, and a snap will come. It’s physics. A rope is created to withstand only so much pressure before it gives. … [Read more...]

Dating Your Spouse Isn’t a Luxury


“Get in,” he grins mischievously, as he opens the passenger door of his pride and joy—a 1984 Volvo with blue, chipped paint and a manually-controlled sun roof. We had just eaten dinner in our ‘76 Airstream Argosy travel trailer and were looking for memories to make when Matt has the ingenious idea. Already in the country, we don’t have far to go before we reach our … [Read more...]

Romance Doesn’t Require Giant Gestures

Romance Doesn't Require Giant Gestures

6:00 A.M. I drag myself down the stairs, baby on one arm, dodging dogs in urgent need of the backyard, yawning and thinking only one word: coffee. I reach for the coffee pot and draw back my arm with a stainless steel carafe full of nothing. Usually it is full. Usually it has been set the night before and timed to perfection for the waking of the baby. husband … [Read more...]

Don’t Kill the Mood


On our honeymoon, I tried to be movie romantic. While my bride was patiently waiting in the car, I spread rose petals all over the bedroom. I honestly don’t remember her reaction to my gesture, but I do remember the stains that wouldn’t come out of the new comforter and the carpet. Did you know rose petals could stain? My romance track record never really improved. My … [Read more...]

To Parents of Young Children: Let’s Talk about S-E-X

Let's Talk about S-E-X

Dear Parents of Young Children: I get it, really I do. You’re tired. So tired. And if one more person tells you how quickly this sweet time flies by, you may actually lose it. The truth of the matter is this: The years are short, but the days…are…long. As a person on the other side, one who didn’t always handle things perfectly in that season, may I just offer a … [Read more...]