When My Spouse’s Love Language Creeps Me Out

When My Spouse's Love Language Creeps You Out

Let me be completely honest: I am not a hugger. I don’t like greeting or leaving people with a hug; I feel weird when people play with my hair or touch my arm. I am just not a touchy person. My husband, however, is a touchy person. He loves hugs, hand-holding, and shows his affection with physical touch. As you can guess, this created a bit of friction for our first few … [Read more...]

So Your Life Doesn’t Seem Pinterest-Worthy…


I’m really glad Pinterest wasn’t around when I was a newlywed. Don’t get me wrong – I love Pinterest. I’m also a fan of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (And by “fan,” I mean I waste a ton of time am pretty active on social media.) But when I was a young newlywed, I’m not sure my fragile sense of self would have held up to the comparison culture created by the edited, … [Read more...]