Medi-Share Review :: One Family’s Experience

Medi-Share Review :: One Family's Experience

My wife and I have been using Medi-Share since January 2015. Since then, we’ve had a lot of other Christian families ask our opinion on Medi-Share. Like many families out there, we don’t have group health insurance at our jobs because I am a small business owner and my wife works PRN shifts as a nurse. When researching healthcare plans, we were shocked by the increased cost of … [Read more...]

What Hospitality Looks Like in Real Life

Hospitality In Real Life

Growing up in the South, I often pictured hospitality with Sunday potlucks, front porches, and bridal showers decorated with sprays of flowers and giant crystal punch bowls. I thought hospitality required being more like Martha than Mary. And it all seemed pretty exhausting. However, one of my greatest discoveries in the last five years of marriage is that hospitality … [Read more...]

I Thought I Was Good at Communicating…and Then I Got Married


“It’s all about communication.” Any time I have asked for marriage advice, those are usually the first words I hear. People say that as long as I communicate with my husband, then things will go more smoothly and we can enjoy a deeper relationship. To be honest, when I first heard these words, I was somewhat confused. I mean, how can a person not communicate in a … [Read more...]

The Power of My Husband’s Encouragement


So, so many things compete for our attention daily—work, home, church, children, laundry, and even Facebook. For women, motherhood alone can become so consuming that it can be easy to ignore, or inadvertently overlook, the things that God is calling us to do because there’s just so much on our plates already. If anyone knows the power of a husband’s encouragement towards … [Read more...]