MarriageRoots Conversation Card Family Edition :: 20 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse and Kids [FREE Download]

MarriageRoots Convo Card :: Family Edition

Of course we talk to our kids and spouse. We talk all. the. time, actually. In fact, there are times we'd prefer to talk to them a little less, if we're being honest. Lots of conversations about schedules, practice, grades, work, obligations, and what's for dinner. It's easy sometimes to forget that it's been a while since we've had a real conversation about their lives or, … [Read more...]

Defending Boredom in Marriage

Defending Boredom in Marriage

“I’m bored.” This short sentence makes my brain swell to exploding, my blood boil, and my need to get in the car and drive to the nearest Barnes and Noble to escape eminent. When my kids utter these words I have so many automatic reactions: “Read a book, go outside, use your imagination….blah, blah, blah.” Or my favorite: “I can give you something to do, aka – chores.” I … [Read more...]

MarriageRoots Conversation Card :: 25 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse [FREE Download]


Kids, bills, kids, work, kids, bills, kids, home repairs, kids, errands, kids, bills. Sure, you and your spouse talk all the time but if you're like many of us, you talk a lot about a lot of things, the least of which is your actual marriage. How often do you really take the time to sit with your spouse and think about how far you've come, what your dreams for the … [Read more...]