So You Don’t Live on Easy Street… [plus FREE Scripture Printables!]


There can be many, many pain points in a marriage—places that lead us to worry and anxiety, to fear the worst, places that lead us to question God. The reality of it is the worst could happen. Nothing in Scripture points to a life on Easy Street this side of Eternity. And it can feel even more painful when we look around and feel like we’re the only ones going through a … [Read more...]

MarriageRoots Conversation Card :: 25 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse to Start the New Year [FREE Download]

Conversation Cards :: 25 Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse in the New Year

Many of us come crawling and limping to the finish line of one year and anxiously await the stroke of midnight that miraculously gives us a clean slate of 12 new months to somehow get things right(er). Even if you're over there rolling your eyes at everyone's new fitness/reading/simplifying/world-changing resolutions, you have to admit that stopping for a few minutes to … [Read more...]