Married and…Adopting Domestically

Editor’s Note: This is the next installment in our “Married and…” series where we will interview couples from all walks of life. It is our hope that you are encouraged by the stories of people who have similar journeys as you, who share the same dreams you have, who face the same obstacles you do, and who can remind you that your marriage isn’t the first one to experience the … [Read more...]

MarriageRoots’ Low-Stress Christmas Guide [FREE Printable Checklist]

Christmas Checklist

Christmas is coming! If that statement sends a bit of excitement up your spine and then is immediately followed by a brief shudder of anxiety, then read on. Christmas is that unique time of year where Christian couples have an amazing opportunity—to fall into a trap. One of the biggest traps of the enemy in the modern Christmas-era is distracting and stressing out … [Read more...]

Boundaries, Conflicts, & Disappointments :: Hello, Marriage Counselor


My husband and I breezed through the five sessions of our church’s mandatory premarital counseling. We were so in love, and there were no troubles on the horizon. The counselor had suggested that there might be some friction in forming our family unit since we came from such different family backgrounds, but I was too busy with wedding tasks to truly stop and think about such … [Read more...]