The Ultimate Date Night Guide

What’s the best night? Date Night, of course! A chance to get away with your sweetheart and spend quality time together is necessary in every marriage. But life can be hectic, and it can be difficult to squeeze a date night into the calendar.

Honestly, if we can schedule a day and find a babysitter it’s a miracle. Then when it’s time for date night, I’m almost out of gas from a long day. I know the pull of sitting in silence on a date night is strong, but there’s more to a date night than quiet, air-conditioned rooms with tall glasses of Diet Sprite.

Unfortunately, if it’s my turn to come up with the plan for the evening…well, you can call me, “Mr. Let’s Watch A Movie!” I know my creativity for date night ideas needs a little help, and in an informal poll I conducted among friends, I’m not the only one struggling for sweet/fun/exciting date plans.

So to help us all out, here’s a comprehensive list of date night ideas. It might not be every single post in existence on the subject, but your next few date nights should be much easier to plan:

Top 10 Cheap Date Night Ideas :: Have a camera? Sheila at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum has a fun idea. Take your camera and your spouse on a photo date night. Maybe you could visit some of your local sightseeing spots and act like tourists. Ask a passerby to take your photo. When you get home, build a photo album and include a souvenir from your photo night.

25 Inexpensive Ideas for Great Dates :: Pam and Bill from Crosswalk have a fun, inexpensive idea for a stay at home date night: a Hawaiian luau. They suggest Hawaiian music to set the mood and a Hawaiian meal. Maybe you can find some flower leis too.

Connecting with Your Spouse :: Troy and Taryn at Intentionally Refined suggest recreating a memorable date from before you and your spouse were married. They even suggest wearing similar clothes. If the date sticks out in your minds, it was obviously a lot of fun and worth revisiting for a fun stroll down memory lane together.

5 Creative Dates :: Interested in a culinary adventure? On Jim and Sherri’s Growthtrac Ministries site, they suggest trying new restaurants. They suggest using a restaurant book to find new places to check out. Here’s my suggestion: Do you like Diners. Drive-ins, and Dives? The show’s website has a list of places they’ve visited on the show. See if any of them are near you and check those out.

20 Frugal Date Ideas :: Looking for a good excuse to lay on a blanket outside with your spouse? Bob at Christian Personal Finance suggests stargazing. What ratchets up Bob’s idea is the preparation: Go to the library to get an astronomy book or two so you can point out the constellations like a champ.

90 Date Night Questions :: Katie at Embracing a Simpler Life has a great list of conversation starters for date night. You think you know your spouse, but try asking “If we could do our honeymoon over again how would we celebrate it?These questions might help kickstart a few of your own to quickly move past the “How was your day?” portion of the evening. The best part: Katie has a free printable list with 90 questions on it.

Date Night Tips :: This list includes a lot of great ideas from couples all across the U.S: driveway movie theater, a dollar date, and exchanging new vows using funny/cheesy Hallmark cards, to name a few.

Romantic Tailgating Date :: Living in Louisiana or Texas, you might have already tried this date before: The Tailgate Date. Debi at The Romantic Vineyard suggests decorating the house and dressing in your teams colors. But she adds a couple of twists in case you don’t have a vested interest in either team competing: Each spouse chooses a team, then lay the ground rules for prizes and rewards when points are scored or when your team wins.

Ideas For Dating Your Wife :: Hey husbands, Justin at Family Life suggests a date night to the place where your wife grew up. Tour her hometown, and visit her favorite restaurant as a child. This won’t work for everyone, of course, but it’s a great idea if it fits where you live.

5 Fun Date Ideas :: Have you heard of geocaching? Michelle on Nitty Gritty Love suggests this activity for the couple that loves to be outdoors. Geocaching is a GPS scavenger hunt, and it’s more than a fun activity for kids. Michelle calls it “a treasure hunt without the gold.”

Get Ready for Summer :: With summer rapidly approaching, Leigh Ann at Intentional by Grace suggests making ice cream for a date night. It’s a great way to work together in the kitchen. Leigh Ann even includes a recipe for Homemade Vanilla Banana Coconut Ice Cream. Best part: She made her ice cream with a blender—no need for an ice cream maker!

Date Night Fund :: And finally, Tayler at The Unveiled Wife suggests a date night piggy bank. This is a great idea because we all know that babysitting can get expensive. Also, the idea of conciously setting aside money gives you a chance to think about the upcoming date night, and maybe even start planning an out-of-the-box good time like something listed above.


Do any of these ideas seem like something you and your spouse would enjoy? Have another suggestion for a fun date night?

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