Write for Us?

Write for Us
We are always on the lookout for new MarriageRoots contributors! If you live in Texas or Louisiana, and you’ve got a word to share, here’s what you need to know about submitting posts for our consideration:

Topics :: Whether you’re discussing career, intimacy, stewardship, church and ministry, spiritual growth, pornography, or anything else, the overarching questions that should drive your post are: How did this affect our marriage? and/or What did this do to strengthen our marriage?

Unique Content :: The content must be original and not previously printed on your blog or anywhere else on the internet (including Facebook) nor should it be reprinted anywhere online in the future.

Word Count :: Articles should range between 500-750 words. If you’ve just got a word from the Lord and can’t contain it in under 750, we’ve been known to run posts over that count, but for the most part, that’s our limit.

Delivery :: You can copy and paste the email into your email or attach a Word document. Be sure to include a 3-5 sentence bio with a photo.

Contact Us :: If you have any questions or want more information, email us at contact [at] marriageroots.com. We like questions.


The MarriageRoots Team enjoys writing for other sites, too! 

If you would like for one of the MarriageRoots Team members to contribute to your site, email us and we’ll discuss your needs and our team members’ availability.